Saturday, April 11, 2009

Joseph's Birthday

For Joseph's birthday he wanted a robot theme.  I researched on the internet and found great ideas.  What I did with all the ideas was the following.  Please keep in mind, these are not mine.  I simply borrowed files that were free to download.

Since the kids can only have healthy snack I made this little baggie "Nuts & Bolts" filled with cherrios, plain M&M's, chex mix and pretzels. 

I used a bag of Sun chips as "Computer Chips"

I put all these items into a baggie and stapled this label to the bag.

The cake is from Norma's Speciality Cake Shop in McAllen.  I took her a sample scrapbook page where we liked the Robots and she made the cake out of cupcakes!  It was a great hit!  My son loved it!


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