Saturday, August 20, 2011

Card Swap 8/20/11

This was my first Card Swap in my Studio, and the ladies and I had a really great time.  It was good to get together again and learn how to make new cards.  I really missed having this class at the Memory Garden Scrapbook Shoppe.  Now we get to enjoy each others company in my home. 

As promised here are the pictures I took of todays class.  Our next get together will be in October!
 Jerry demonstrates her Back to School Card.  She's a teacher at heart!


 Alma's first Card Swap and it looks like she is having fun!

 Everyone get started!

 Everyone loves the card they are making.

 Always learning new techniques.  Yolanda, taught us how to do a technique called masking!
Thanks Yolanda!
 I know Ayde you don't loke to take pictures. 

 Alma, hurry up!  You are holding up the line.

 Jerry was so good on waiting on us. 

 Christine got a little creative kick and added to her card.

 This is when Yolanda taught us how to mask in a card, this was a very interesting technique.

 Christine showed us how to make her card.  I loved the colors.

More photos of the girls getting to work on their cards.  Yeah Jerri and Alma!

This was our final result of our cards made today.  Each beautiful and unique in their own way.  Start planning your next card for our next gathering in October.  It will be your choice of what you would like to create. 

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